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LB Financial Management Ltd.
"You're Better Off With Us"
Company Management for Contractors at Low Cost



Composite ("Umbrella") Company Services

LBFM will administer your agency or client payments, make all statutory deductions and make regular payments of your net earnings to you and the full relevant amount of all the legitimate expenses you claim.

Personal Limited Company Administration Services

LBFM will administer your company with you as a director and shareholder. You get all the benefits of company ownership plus the best possible financial returns from your work.

At LBFM, we are specialists in providing limited company solutions for contractors. Our objective is to provide high quality services that manage our contractors’ business affairs, leaving those contractors free to concentrate fully on the delivery of their own professional services.

Accountancy and Business Services

LBFM can act as traditional accountants and provide accounting and legal services for your business.

Whether it’s our composite services, our limited company services or our services as accountants and business administrators, we will fully detail what we provide in an up-front agreement and deliver fully and at high quality.


  • Contractor Solutions (Personal Limited Company Administration, Composite/Umbrella Services, Self-Employed Accounts)

  • Accountancy Services

  • Full Advisory Services

  • Legal Compliance

  • Highly Competitive Costs

Whether you want the simplicity and flexibility of being paid through a composite company, the kudos and control of being the owner and director of your own company or simply want to have your business affairs effectively managed, LBFM is the supplier for you. Speak to us to find out how high quality service at a cost that more than pays for itself can be made immediately available to you.

Fax: 0123 3721538
Tel: 0208 6585823

E-mail: lbfm.group@lbfm.co.uk

If you join us, you can try our services. If you are not satisfied in any way at all, you can end the agreement with us immediately, have no future commitment, and only pay for the work that has been done to date.